Here you will find our latest trend reversal signals (Bull/Bear) on equity indices, Forex and government bonds

Round 2: synchronous short selling signals across multiple asset classes

1. Trading journal 2. Tip of the day: Triage, kick out the free loaders and never trade laggards 1. Trading journal: Round 2, time to short again and don’t complain there aren’t enough short ideas This is the big day, time to get back in the ring. Short squeeze came and went. Now, stocks are rolling […]

Trading Journal 20160203

Trading Journal 20160203 1. Trading Journal 2. Tip of the day Trading Journal As explained in a previous post, Shorts entered after a squeeze offer better visibility and have higher probability of success. So, the alert pad came back quite full. Most of the signals are frequent flyers on the short side. Shorts are like a glasses […]

Trading Journal 2016/01/20

This is a test. If You find value in this trading journal, please let us know. If there are topics You would like to see covered, please comment and suggest. This journal exists only because You find it useful. So, help us create something You need. 1. No signals today 2. Trading activity Last night. Risk at this […]

Short-selling: “Come with me if You want to live”

The 30s’ are usually remembered as the “Great Depression era”. Yet, from 1932 to 1937, despite abject poverty on main street, what was left of Wall Street enjoyed an exceptionally resilient bull market. The government had found a new tool called pump priming, inspired from an economist (only they can get away with such awful […]

Daily #Markets Signals

Our sincere apologies for the long silence. We were immersed in a fascinating auto-trade project. It has been a wonderful watchmaking experience. “If investment is a process, then automation is a logical conclusion”. We will come back with solid content soon. FTASE (Athens) Bearish Strength 2015-06-08.png CAC Bearish Strength 2015-07-06.png BELSTK Bearish Strength 2015-07-06.png AMX Bearish Strength 2015-07-06.png […]