Daily #Markets Signals

Our sincere apologies for the long silence. We were immersed in a fascinating auto-trade project. It has been a wonderful watchmaking experience. “If investment is a process, then automation is a logical conclusion”. We will come back with solid content soon.

  1. FTASE (Athens) Bearish Strength 2015-06-08.png
  2. CAC Bearish Strength 2015-07-06.png
  3. BELSTK Bearish Strength 2015-07-06.png
  4. AMX Bearish Strength 2015-07-06.png
  5. TUSISE Bullish Strength 2015-06-08.png
  • If investment is a process, then automation is a logical conclusion
  • Complexity is a form of laziness
  • Great traders are not smarter, they have smarter trading habits
  • If investment is a process, then automation is a logical conclusion
  • If You are interested in short-selling, trading systems, position sizing, trading psychology, visit us at: www.alphasecurecapital.com
  • Bullish weakness: Longer-term trend is bullish. There has been some temporary weakness, but the uptrend is likely to resume
  • Bearish strength: Longer-term trend is bearish. There has been some temporary rally, but the downtrend is likely to resume
  • Volatility Channels (Horizontal dotted lines) : Markets often retest swings. This is a volatility buffer to allow wiggle room.
  • Volatility Channel: Think of the other side of a volatility channel of the distance it would take to close half the position to break even if the remainder was to hit the stop loss
  • #n%: Think of it as a rudimentary equity at risk position sizing. It is 1% divided by the distance from the day the swing is recorded to the volatility channel
  • Disclaimer: this is neither a solicitation, nor an investment advice




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