I need your help: what are your three favourite book covers for the book “The Virtue of Short Selling” ?

This is an exciting time. The book is taking shape. It is now time to choose a cover. You will get to participate in the making by ranking your 3 favourite covers in descending order. The cover that will have the most votes will be selected. Also, if You have suggestions, please do not hesitate. This is a democracy. This book is meant for You, to help You on your journey on the markets. Help me help You

So, i would like to ask a little favour from You.  Would You be so kind as to rank covers ? There is GoogleSheet. It will only take less than 5 minutes of your time, but will be immensely helpful.

  1. Imagine three situations:
    1. You are flicking through Amazon bookstore or an airport bookstore. Which cover would catch your attention?
    2. What cover best represents you expectations from this book
    3. You recommend this book to a friend/colleague. What cover would be best?
  2. Next:
    1. Clink on the link: The Virtue of Short Selling scorecard (If the link does not work, a simple rank would still be really helpful)
    2. Fill out the cells. There are already pre-existing examples
    3. Share it back to my e-mail: laurent.bernut@alphasecurecapital.com or info@alphasecurecapital.com

Participants will get free bonus gifts and my eternal gratitude


Theme: Rope Walking

The red line is a stock chart successively bull and bear, while the upward sloping  represents the equity curve. Tight rope symbolises the delicate balance of managing riskthrough Bull and Bear alike. At the end of the day, “Bull, Bear, it all tastes like chicken”

  1. Rope Walker Green Manhattan

2. Blue Rope Walker Manhattan

3. Blue rope walker through the clouds

Bull/Bear Dichotomy

The Bull bear dichotomy symbolises both opposition and unity. Bear morphes into Bull and vice versa

4. Bull Bear Red/Brown

5. Bull/Bear Green/Brown

  • Tarot card: The Chariot

Tarot cards date back to the Egyptian civilisation. They carry deep subconscious symbolism. The chariot is powerful card that symbolises progression, strong character, success from effort. A Bull and a Bear pull the chariot. Loose reins symbolise relaxed quiet strength

6. The Chariot from illustrator Valentin Boogaerts

7. Triumphant Chariot

  • Other themes

8. Orange pictogram

9. School book cover

  • Animal Themes

10. Saint Rabbit

11. Running hare




4 replies
  1. steve charmer says:

    i’m sorry I must be too hungover, or as dumb as a short seller in this bull market. None of this makes sense.

    1. which tab in the google sheet do i use to enter my choices? Scorecard or score? i’m using score. i enter my name in a new row in cell b36. then for each scenario (bookstore is scenario 1), I enter 1 for the cover that is my first choice for that scenario?

    2. if no cover meets my choice for scenario 2, then i just skip that input?

    3. I don’t have any friends to recommend this book, and why would the cover matter at that point?

    other inputs from drunken master:

    1. why bother writing a book in this modern age? make videos, an online course using coursera, or any of the other online knowledge sharing apps that exist, are interactive, and don’t require a physical creation process of using energy to print paper?

    2. especially in stock trading, videos with visual explanations are so much more helpful, since we us charts so often, the visual is an important pattern recognition mechanism (you’re welcome for the bundle of buzzwords for free)

    3. i hate the book title. why do we care about the virtues of short selling? if we cared about virtues, we would go become a nun or a priest. we care about capturing profit. most people interested in short selling do it from an objective of revenge. perhaps a better titled would be “how to successfully short sell for revenge and fun”

    4. if the book is about short selling, and a bear is typically used to represent shorts, why use a bull head on the right edge of the book? it should be all bear.

    5. since the most recent 7 years of market activity has just been buy all dips, and being short is just too painful, why do you think anyone would want to buy this book? since most mind thoughts involve thinking about the future to gain pleasure and avoid pain (Marty Seligman) , a reader would find this book (topic) mouthwatering, if the title promised “how to take advantage of the idiots who buy at the top”

    thank you for reading, i do enjoying hearing you on bettersystemstrader, you obviously have a good sense of humor!

    • lbernut says:

      Hello Steve,

      Glad to find another drunken master. I just sobbered up and saw your comment, to which i immediately replied

      Thanks a lot for your long comment. Me too, I hate the title: the virtue of short selling, so stuffy! So, how about the short selling game?

      Part I: Demystifying short selling
      Part II: the outer game: trading edge
      Part III: the inner game: the mental edge
      Part IV: the game: build a long/short product step-by-step

      I will make a course shortly after the book. Thanks for the idea.

    • lbernut says:

      Thank You Michal,

      I have forwarded part II, III & IV to friends for editing. Once this is done, it will go into final edit. June possible release date.


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