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When running multiple strategies, should position size be changed based on the drawdown of individual positions, systems or the system as a whole?

This question was originally posted on Quora. Something really cool dawned upon my drunken stupor lately and i modified a chapter in the book. By group of systems, let’s assume you refer to strategies. One-size-fits-all position size algo is a form of laziness Most people have a one-size-fits-all position sizing algorithm across all their strategies […]

Will traders still be able to compete with algorithms in 5 years?

Algos have already taken the lion’s share of trading volume across all markets. 80% of Tokyo Stock Exchange daily volume is done via algos. If investment is a process then automation is the logical conclusion First, ETFs will displace discretionary participants, not algos If every person contributing to their 401K asked themselves this simple question: “do […]

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Let’s reframe the question: can You be a top pro athlete while having a 9 to 5 job?   Automated trading is the hardest discipline Automated trading is by far the hardest way to trade. If You think of the markets as driving a Formula 1, then automated trading is being in the cockpit without […]

How many people saw the financial crisis coming and profited from it?

2007 Christmas party at a dear Friend’s apartment in Azabu, Tokyo. He was the head of MacQuarie securities in Tokyo. Champagne was flowing and i was passably drunk. There was a bunch of Lehman, Morgan Stanley, Citi and other dudes, all smart articulate people. They were talking about the current uncertainty saying it was an […]

Are forex signals useful in making profits?

This question originally appeared on Quora   This great question has done a remarkable job at baiting scam-artists. Whoever answered “Yes”, followed by a link to some website is a scam-artist The one-eyed scam-artist leading the blind Everyone wants to gain this mysterious esoteric called trading edge. Well, trading edge is not a story, it […]