Our Commitment

Master traders are not smarter, they have smarter trading habits. We are committed to helping market participants build smarter trading habits.

Our Philosophy

  • Simplicity: complexity is a form of laziness. The privilege of simplicity is that it imposes itself, even to those who do not understand its sophistication
  • Universality: our tools are developed and validated across multiple asset classes and time-frames
  • Symmetry: our strategies are robust. They are developed and tested on the Short side then applied to the Long side
  • Capital Efficiency: is the product of compounding high probability small profits and the capital appreciation of long term holding
  • Trading Habits: we trade our habits. Great investors are not smarter, but they have smarter trading habits

About Laurent:

Laurent Bernut, Founder & CEO of ASC, has worked in the alternative investment space at Fidelity Investments, Rockampton, and Ward Ferry, for 14 years.
For the past 8 years at Fidelity, his mandate as a dedicated short seller was to underperform the longest bear market in modern history: Japan equities.
Laurent’s Research and Trading Systems to generate alpha in the alternative space has been built over 14 years based on the following experience and expertise:
  • Universally tested systematic trading process: All strategies developed over the last 5 years have been tested across sides (L/S) asset classes, time frames, and walk-forward analysis before being released into production. Current strategy has been in production since October  2012
  • Traded a range of asset classes: Traded equities, options (singles, index), Forex  and ETFs
  • Consistent idea generation: consistently generated more high probability Long/Short ideas every day than can be traded
  • Generated alpha on the short side: He was the longest tenured dedicated short-seller at Fidelity. His mandate was to underperform the longest bear market in modern history: Japan equities
  • Risk management: He has built several portfolio management systems for multiple hedge funds over the last 12 years.
  • Solid psychological foundations: See our Research on trading psychology and affective neurosciences