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Is a quant trader who does quantitative analysis but then trades discretionarily based on his analysis still considered a “quant”?

Answer by Laurent Bernut: if Quant means systematic then the answer is easy. Being a systematic trader is like being pregnant: either You are, either You are not. You cannot be half pregnant. 95% systematic with a 5% discretionary overlay is still 100% discretionary for a simple reason: the power of No. It is not […]

Better System Trader 2nd Interview:

  Andrew Swanscott has one of the best podcasts on trading out there. He has brilliantly interviewed world trading champions, legends such as Van Tharp, Larry Williams, Jerry Parker, Perry Kaufman etc. In each episode, there is a nugget of wisdom. One word of caution though: Better System Trader is more addictive than chocolate. It was an honour to be interviewed on […]

Quora.com: What-do-the-fund-managers-that-consistently-beat-the-market-do-differently-when-picking-stocks-than-those-who-cant-beat-the-market

https://www.quora.com/What-do-the-fund-managers-that-consistently-beat-the-market-do-differently-when-picking-stocks-than-those-who-cant-beat-the-market Great fund managers are not smarter, they have smarter portfolio management habits. Making money is not about trying to be right, it is about accepting to be wrong and move on. That is much easier for married men… Portfolio Manager serenity prayer No manager consistently beats the markets. Every style has its peaks and […]

Trading Journal 20160203

Trading Journal 20160203 1. Trading Journal 2. Tip of the day Trading Journal As explained in a previous post, Shorts entered after a squeeze offer better visibility and have higher probability of success. So, the alert pad came back quite full. Most of the signals are frequent flyers on the short side. Shorts are like a glasses […]

Why is humility an essential trait of profitable short-sellers ?

January 2016 was a difficult month for investors. According to Barry Ritholtz:s, 93% of investors lost money. Feeling helpless and crushed while watching your investments melt away is a terrible feeling that takes a devastating toll on emotional capital. There can’t possibly be anything worse feeling, except perhaps a skill aspiring short sellers have to […]