Daily #ETF signals

Thought of the day: “The world is full of magical things waiting for our wits to grow sharper”, Bertrand Russell, Happy Birthday

  • Great traders are not smarter, they have smarter trading habits
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  1. URA Bullish Weakness
  2. TAN BUllish Weakness
  3. PNOI BUllish Weakness
  4. PBJ Bullish Weakness
  5. IWP Bullish Weakness
  6. IPAC Bullish Weakness
  7. IJT Bullish Weakness
  8. IJK Bullish Weakness
  9. IAU Bullish Weakness
  10. GRN Bullish Weakness
  11. DOI Bullish Weakness
  12. CSD Bullish Weakness

  • Bullish weakness: Longer-term trend is bullish. There has been some temporary weakness, but the uptrend is likely to resume
  • Bearish strength: Longer-term trend is bearish. There has been some temporary rally, but the downtrend is likely to resume
  • Volatility Channels (Horizontal dotted lines) : Markets often retest swings. This is a volatility buffer to allow wiggle room.
  • Volatility Channel: Think of the other side of a volatility channel of the distance it would take to close half the position to break even if the remainder was to hit the stop loss
  • #n%: Think of it as a rudimentary equity at risk position sizing. It is 1% divided by the distance from the day the swing is recorded to the volatility channel
  • Disclaimer: this is neither a solicitation, nor an investment advice
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