Daily Equity Indices 2015 – 03 – 25

  • Bullish Weakness: general trend remains bullish. Temporary weakness is over, now the uptrend resumes. Low Volatility Channel is 1 ATR below the swing low.
  • Bearish strength: general trend remains bearish. Temporary rally is over, now the downtrend resumes. High Volatility Channel is 1 ATR above swing high

Bear markets start in highly volatile sideways markets: bulls fight bears. They end in low volatile sideways markets: indifference

We do not advise anyone to buy or sell anything. It would be wise however to reduce concentration on the long side.

Dow Jones Transportation Index: bearish strength

Dow Jones Transport Index bearish strength


SET bearish strength

Thailand SET bearish strength

Lima IGBVL beairsh strength

IGBVL bearish strength

Colombia COLCAP bearish strength

COLCAP bearish strength

MONEX20 bullish weakness

Montenegro Bullish weakness



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